"1. Always take pictures of the sky when it’s pretty, it probably won’t ever look like that again.
2. Wear that skirt you like, even if your mom says it’s too short.
3. Take off the dark eyeliner and nail polish once in a while, you’ll feel lighter.
4. Chop off your hair if you want, it will grow back eventually.
5. Count the freckles on your arms and draw lines between them, your skin is like the night sky.
6. Sleep under six blankets with the fan on high in the middle of the winter, the sound is soothing.
7. Tell that boy to stop touching your thigh, even if it is flattering.
8. Say thank you and flash a smile when your sister says that your outfit is ugly.
9. Raise your hand when you know the answer, even if the class is all upperclassmen.
10. Read that book again, you’ll notice something you didn’t the first time.
11. Don’t drink too much caffeine, you’ll get the jitters and bomb your math test.
12. Wear pencils behind your ears, it’s convenient.
13. Try to talk to people, it won’t kill you.
14. When a cute boy tries to cheat off your test, write the wrong answers and change them later.
15. It’s ok to feel happy, don’t let other peoples sadness make you feel bad."

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Wonderland F/W 2014

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what if instead of a same gender detective partnership who keep getting mistaken for a romantic couple, you had a same gender romantic couple who keep getting mistaken for detectives
‘hello, I’m sam darling, and this is my partner gregory hitch’ ‘AH YES THE PRIVATE DETECTIVES’ ‘what??? no we just came for some ice cream why is there police tape everywhere’

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A thing happened on campus



So my name is Joey White and I’m a very pasty pale British white guy at uni overseas. So I was introducing myself and this guy from Nigeria goes “Hi, I’m Joseph” so I said, “I’m a Joseph too! Joseph White.” Then he looked me in the eye and said in a dead serious tone “I’m Joseph Brown” and we nearly died.

oh dear god

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Loving your body isn’t conceited

Feeling proud of yourself doesn’t make you a narcissist

Giving yourself credit for something won’t make you lose motivation to keep bettering yourself

Caring about your own happiness isn’t shallow

Putting your recovery first isn’t selfish

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